Shopping seems to be getting easier and easier. The possibilities are endless nowadays. From delivery, to pull up service, grocery shopping is just too easy. And now shopping at Walmart just got even more convenient.

The Walmart in Roscoe just rolled out its 16 foot high-tech vending machine. Check out the beast for yourself -

Credit Walmart Via Mystateline
Credit Walmart Via Mystateline

So how does it work? Mystateline details -

When a customer orders an item online, a Walmart employee loads them into the Pickup Tower's storage lockers, which can be retrieved by scanning a barcode sent tot the customer's smartphone.

It's that easy! So will these vending machines be in every store? Mystateline explains -

The company says 20 stores in Illinois are equipped with the new Pickup Tower, with expansion planned for later this year.

We can't wait to try this out, it's so futuristic and cool looking. I might just order a singular apple or something just for fun.

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