It has often been said, that people from the Midwest are the friendliest and nicest people in the U.S., here's the survey to prove it.

With the exception of a few years living in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Greensboro, North Carolina, I have lived in the Midwest and I do not disagree with the majority of this new study. This study I'm about to share with you starts at the opposite end of nice.

The 14 Rudest Cities in America

To find where all the rudest people are living, spoke with residents of the 30 largest cities in the U.S., asking them questions like the rudeness level of their city, including the prominence of certain typically rude behaviors. The study's mission was to help us when we travel so we may get a little understanding of what to expect when visiting. The study also uncovered the two most common rude behavior categories we'll encounter, and they shouldn't come as any surprise: problematic driving and being disrespectful of shared spaces.

Memphis ranked highest in five common rude behaviors, the most of any city. Only one Midwestern city showed up on the list of the 14 rudest cities in the U.S. According to the study, Detroit, Michigan is the 6th rudest American city.

Here's the list of all 14 rudest cities before I tell you the good (not new) news about the Midwest.
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Let's get to the scoop on the 14 most polite cities in the U.S.

Illinois and Wisconsin's largest cities made the Top 10, and so did 2 other Midwestern cities: Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio.

Let's get together and have some good food, I'm good with either Chicago or Milwaukee. Let me recommend some places you should check out when you visit. First Chicago, then Milwaukee.

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