One Illinois city just topped a recent survey of the safest and most affordable cities in America. Discover why this city with the best hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint scored so highly in Money Geelk's study.

Safe and Affordable Places to Live

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To find out which cities are “safe” and “affordable,” MoneyGeek analyzed the safest small and mid-to-large places in the U.S.

Then they factored in the following stats: recent changes in median household income, the monthly mortgage cost as a percentage of household income, and the monthly food costs as a percentage of household income.

Most Important Thing in Real Estate

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Location, location, location is the most-heard response to the question of the most important rule in real estate. While being close to our favorite grocery stores and restaurants, how far it is to the best parks, and work-to-home commute times matter, NOTHING matters more than how SAFE that location is, and how AFFORDABLE IT IS.

MoneyGeek published two groups of best safe and affordable cities based on size, Small and Mid-to-Large.

Illinois has only one city that made the list of Best Mid-to-Large Safe and Affordable Cities in the US.

Besides this city's high scores in the survey, it also happens to be the location of one of the best hole-in-the-wall diners where you'll have the best breakfast you've ever had.

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Breakfast Place in Illinois

Cheapism just published the Best Hole-in-the-Wall Breakfast Place in Every State and in Illinois, it's Ray's Family Restaurant.

Ray's Family Restaurant Facebook
Ray's Family Restaurant Facebook
Ray's Family Restaurant Facebook
Ray's Family Restaurant Facebook
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The BEST place for breakfast is the 5th SAFEST and MOST AFFORDABLE city in the United States.

The Top 5 Safest & Affordable Mid-to-Large Sized US Cities

1. Westminster, Colorado

2. Surprise, Arizona

3. Thorton, Colorado

4. Arvada, Colorado


5. Elgin, Illinois

For a deep dive into the methodology and the rest of the rankings, click HERE.

Another survey from, put Elgin at the very top of the safest and most affordable cities.

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