If you've done it all this summer and looking for something a bit off the beaten path, maybe you should check out a cave.

Really though. Have you ever been to a cave? I guess you can call that my inner monologue as I try to decide if I have ever been to a cave.

I have been to THE Cave but not an actual cave that is unless I was in one and didn't know it.

Anyway, I saw a list of Jaw-Dropping Caves You Can Visit in North America and one of those just happens to be in Wisconsin and I am 100% sure I have never been to this one either.

Cave of the Mounds
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Love Exploring:

A National Natural Landmark since 1988, Cave of the Mounds hosts daily walking tours in all weathers. They're guided but self-paced, so visitors can absorb the many historic and scientific facts at their leisure. Despite the cave being over a million years old, its opening was only accidentally revealed during a routine quarry blast in 1939.

Tourists now head out to the Cave of the Mounds in droves and according to the LaCrosse Tribune, "The cave draws about 100,000 visitors a year and...5 million have visited since it opened."

Cave of the Mounds is rated as the #1 thing to do in Blue Mounds according to TripAdvisor.

Cave of the Mounds
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Reviewers call the Cave of the Mounds "an extraordinary experience" and "so very cool" but someone did mention it was "not worth it."

The reviewer also added "Very short cave and no guided tour (they sell it as a guided tour but actually a few teenagers sprinkled around to give a little factoid isn't a replacement for a guided tour!)

I mean, it's a cave. What kind of tour do you really need?

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