Shrek 5 is becoming a reality and you'll be pretty excited once you hear who is writing the script.

Oh, Shrek. You are the most lovable green ogre on the planet and we can't wait to get more of you!

As a huge Mike Meyers fan, I knew I'd love Shrek when I first saw the original, but I never could've guessed how great it was going to be.

Then there were the sequels. Like all sequels, some were great and some weren't so great, but we have high hopes about the 5th installment, because the guy who wrote all of the Austin Powers movies is currently working on the Shrek 5 script.

Groovy, baby.

Also this week, there was a crazy long line at a new restaurant in DeKalb, and a local kindergarten classroom is trying to win a free field trip to LEGOLAND.

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