Do you need two iced coffees to keep you going? Turns out, you can get that for the price of one. Flipping through Facebook is worth it sometimes.

Today I saw a blog from Glamour about free Starbucks refills, I thought, they have to be kidding me right? Nope. If you are a green or gold Starbucks member, you can get a free refill at a Starbucks location.

Of course there are rules.

  • You must finish your first drink inside the cafe to ask for a refill
  • No drive-thru orders will gain a refill
  • You can only get refills on brewed coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, and iced tea
  • You must use your Starbucks card to purchase the first drink

While you might not be able to grab a free refill everyday, you know you've sucked down a Starbucks drink so quickly before that staying in the cafe for a refill is totally worth it.

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