We'll never get the "Friends" reunion we were hoping for, but maybe a musical will make us feel better.

An unauthorized "Friends" reunion is coming to Chicago this summer. The show is based on the first season of the series, and when I looked at their website, I was pretty excited to see the cast looks a lot like the actual characters.
Well, at least Monica and Chandler on the couch in the first picture. The show will be at the MCL theater in Chicago from June 10 until July 29. Tickets are available now for $20 a seat, and the show is BYOB.
Also part of this week's Selfie Stick Sixty, Starbucks has a strange new frappuccino, and as we kick off March Madness... some Madness trivia. This week is a super popular time for men to get vasectomies. Now you know.

The Table Read in 15 seconds!Last night we had the "Table Read" for the show. Here is the whole night boiled down to 15 seconds!

Posted by Friends: The One Where They Sing - The UnAuthorized Musical Parody on Monday, March 7, 2016



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