We were out of town last week, so my family was bummed we couldn't make it to the 2021 Boone County Fair, but I have been living vicariously through pictures being posted on social media when I noticed something fishy.

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An old friend of mine whose son was showing chickens at the fair this year, (as his entire family does every single year), started posting things about families reporting missing chickens, and I thought, what the heck is happening here? My friend Ben posted this on Monday;

The last 24 hours have been crazy with posts of families with missing birds from Fair. This not a first but it is never cool. People suck.

So people stealing chickens from kids at the Fair is a normal occurrence? Not cool. The Boone County Fair recently posted this on Facebook;

When you look through the comments on that post you will see several other families sharing pictures of their missing chickens and how their kids are heartbroken over their disappearance. I truly hope that people didn't intentionally steal these chickens and that it's truly a case of mistaken identity, because a lot of chickens look the same. Please, take a look at the pics in the comments of the above Facebook post to see if you know anything about where these chickens could have gone to.

While I was on working on the case of the missing chickens, I discovered something I never knew about the Boone County Fair, and you might not know about it too...

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