Halloween might not be for another month, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the spooky spirit early in Illinois.

From crisp autumn air, to warm apple cider, to pumpkin patches, to corn mazes, and haunted houses, this is hands down the best time of year.

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On top of all of that, stores start selling everything Halloween-inspired and boy... is it tempting to buy everything I see.

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Supply Chain Issues May Cause Shortage Of 2021 Halloween Items
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Like Black Friday, big box stores put out holiday merch earlier and earlier every year to beat competitors to the punch.

Usually I'd say let's slow down, but my one holiday exception is Halloween.

Here's The Best Time To Start Halloween Shopping In Illinois

Believe it or not, the best time to shop for Halloween is right now!

Trendy Costumes On Sale As Halloween Approaches
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Whether it's stocking up on candy, decorating your home early, piecing together your Halloween costume, or pre-planning your Halloween party, it's not too early to start.

"Halloween enthusiasts will once again start their shopping early, with nearly half (47%) beginning in September or earlier. Forty percent plan to purchase their items at discount stores, 36% will go to specialty Halloween or costume stores and 31% will shop online." [nrf.com]

This might be the year I shop early because I'm a major procrastinator when it comes to holidays haha.

So, if anybody tells you it's "way too early to shop for Halloween"... show them this blog and prove them wrong.  It's never too early when it comes to the spookiest season of the year!

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