Dramatic video shows the moment a man suffers an epileptic seizure while free-falling at 9,000 feet.

No.No.No. When people ask if I've ever been or wish to go skydiving, that's my answer. I have a sense of adventure but that's where I draw the line. I'm still not over the time my husband went skydiving. He promised he'd call shortly after landing safely on the ground and he didn't call until about eight hours later. Jerk face.I thought he had an asthma attack mid-air or something and was in a hospital somewhere.

Thankfully he was OK, and so is Christopher Jones. Jones, who has epilepsy, went skydiving and had a seizure while free falling at 9,000 feet. He hadn't had a fit in four years. His fast-acting instructor noticed he was convulsing, released his parachute and saved his life.  It was a breathtaking moment as you'll see below.

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