My entire life is a sham. Everything I thought I knew has been thrown right out the window.

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Bit dramatic? Sure, I get that, but then again, there are times when a TIL (Today I Learned) just makes me question everything.

Like, when for some reason or another I had searched for something and minutes later found out Sloppy Joes aren't called Sloppy Joes in Illinois.

Juicy sloppy joe sandwich with ground beef on gray stone
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Not that I'm a big fan of the food or anything but I was kind of shocked.

On Vending Pro Service, they listed the Regional Names for Sloppy Joes Across States, and while some just call the sandwich a Sloppy Joe others opt for stranger more peculiar names.

sloppy joe sandwich on plate with french fries
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For instance, Wisconsin calls them Wimpies and Minnesota refers to Sloppy Joes as Sloppy Janes.

In Illinois, I guess we're supposed to call Sloppy Joes Yum Yums. Say what? Yum Yums?

Sloppy Joe sign
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Have you ever called a Sloppy Joe sandwich a Yum Yum?

Not like it matters, anyone who has lived in Illinois knows we don't just go with the real name of anything. I mean how long has it been since it's been called Willis Tower? How long has US Cellular Field been around?

If you're answering that with "You mean the Sears Tower and Comiskey Park?" then you should have no problem continuing to call Sloppy Joes by their real name which is NOT Yum Yums but just plain old Sloppy Joes.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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