You thought you knew what ice cream nachos were... think again and make the drive to Capron, Illinois where you'll find these insane s'mores nachos. 

How it took until 2023 for ice cream shops to create ice cream nachos, I will never understand.

For anyone who thinks social media apps are worthless, think again, because that's how ice cream nachos came to be!

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Some time early this summer we started seeing ice cream nachos pop up on Instagram and TikTok and shop owners took those ideas to the extreme creating their own version of the trend.

Including Udderly Delicious in Capron, Illinois.

This ice cream shop only opened this summer and they're already making waves by offering these insane ice cream nachos.


What's in S'mores Ice Cream Nachos?

I happened to be there while they were making these so I can tell you how they did it.

First they took fresh waffle cones and broke them into chip like pieces for the bottom.


Then came the s'mores ice cream scoops, about four decent scoops in the middle.

Then it got really crazy and Udderly Delicious if you will... loads of hot fudge, marshmallow cream and toasted marshmallows just into the mix, plus graham cracker crumbles.

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And just when I thought I was going to be able to take a bite, whipped cream with more chocolate, more marshmallow cream and more graham crumbs.

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I basically licked that plate clean. It was THAT good.


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