Have you ever heard of the buttercream law? It's a big deal in Illinois, where prior to 2022 bakers weren't able to sell their baked goods with frosting. 

So technically it's not called the buttercream law, but buttercream is the main item that made the law change such a big deal earlier this year.

Prior to 2022, home bakers were restricted when it came to what they were able to bake and sell at farmers markets or to individuals who placed orders from them.

They could sell a cake... but they couldn't sell the frosting.

Or at least there was a ton of restrictions when it came to how and when and where they could sell that frosting.

I actually didn't know (or didn't remember) that this was a law change this year but I have absolutely noticed a bunch of new small business bakeries on social media here in Rockford.


I love a home baker and I truly love how this new law has changed this for the better for all of them. It's actually a cottage food law, not quite a 'buttercream' law. 

Kate from Wicked Sweets by Kate stopped by Good Day Stateline this week and she explained that now she can go into business like she always wanted to while baking out of her home.

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And man am I excited she can do that because those cupcakes... and especially that buttercream... is to die for. Oh and those chocolate covered Oreos too!

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