You'd be amazed at the things you find on the world wide web when you have a full bottle of wine and insomnia.

Two nights ago I was binge watching Colony on Netflix when I recognized one of the characters; it Bethany Joy Lenz from One Tree Hill. Just to be sure, I looked the show up on IMDB and sure enough, it was her.

Naturally, I wanted to see what else she had been up to since she played one of my all time favorite TV characters, Haley James Scott, and I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at what I found.

As I'm scrolling through her list of shows, what do I see? Sock Monkey Therapy. I'm not kidding.

I immediately searched for it online and it turns out, it's a YouTube series that's actually pretty funny...and wildly inappropriate.  The videos are mostly NSFW for language and content, so you'll want to watch it at home and away from the kids.

Each episode covers a topic that we can all relate to, including relationship issues, social media moans and self image.

Would you like to see more? Check it out here.

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