We all see it happening every day. People more interested in their phone than the traffic and pedestrians around them.

Starting July 1st, those folks using their electronic devices are about to get a rude awakening in the form of a moving violation ticket for distracted driving. Three moving violations in a year will result in a license suspension.

For many of us, this won't mean anything because we don't text and drive. We're not checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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For those who do check all of those sites and more, here are a few things you need to know about the coming crackdown, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

  • In addition to the moving violation, a person who violates the law will be fined a maximum of $75 on the first offense, $100 on the second offense, $125 on the third offense and $150 for all future offenses.
  • The ban is not limited to cellphones and includes any “electronic communication device.”

The new law does not apply to:

  • A law enforcement officer or operator of an emergency vehicle performing official duties
  • A driver using an electronic device to report an emergency
  • A driver using a phone in hands-free mode, which can include the use of a headset or headphones
  • A driver using an electronic device while parked on the shoulder of a roadway

Last year, state police issued 15,150 citations for distracted driving. Nationwide, 3,166 people died from distracted driving nationally in 2017, according to federal data.

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