The day after Halloween is the BEST day to scroll through Instagram, especially when see you a couple as cute and spooky as this one.

As we move into November, let's not just jump to putting up Christmas decorations ok?

Let's let the wonderful-ness of Halloween linger for just a few days. Which includes scrolling through your social media feeds to enjoy cute candy filled kids, epic costumes and spooky couples like this one.

I know! They look incredible don't they? I first scrolled through, stopped, admired the photos, thought the make-up was so cool and then I realized I actually know who this spooky couple is!

Who's behind those spooky made up faces? Well that's Taylor from Triple T Creation and her boyfriend Treye.

This spooky photo shoot was actually a small business collab between Taylor, the photographer Ashley Durbin and the make-up artist, Sydney Morgan. I mean check out these photos! They are incredible.

ashleydurbinphotography VIA Instagram

They were taken in different spots across downtown Rockford.

ashleydurbinphotography VIA Instagram

And Taylor and Treye are so good at posing like that, because their a real couple too. In fact they've been together for years and if you're wondering what they look like without all the spook, here you go.




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What else can this collab of awesome female small business owners do together? I can't wait to see!

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