We now know why 18-year-old Rockford Walmart employee, Jason Jenkins, was attacked and fatally stabbed on Sunday night.

On Sunday, March 24th, 2024 around 6:05pm, Rockford Police responded to a call about a stabbing incident inside the Walmart store at 3849 Northridge Drive in Rockford.  When they arrived, an 18-year-old man, identified as Jason Jenkins, was suffering from a stab wound to his back.

The suspect, 28-year-old Timothy Carter, stayed in the store after the attack and was taken into custody where he was charged with First Degree Murder.

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New information has surfaced about the motive behind the attack.

Eyewitness News - Youtube
Eyewitness News - Youtube

18-Year-Old Man Dies Following Racially-Motivated Stabbing at Rockford Walmart

Multiple news sources are reporting that surveillance footage from the Northridge Walmart showed Carter grabbing a silver kitchen knife and red hunting knife off the store shelves before walking around the store "giving all of the African American people dirty looks."

After a short time, Carter walked up behind the Jenkins and stabbed him once in the back.  Jenkins then started screaming for help, according to witnesses.  Carter was also heard saying racial slurs after the stabbing.

The arrest report states that Carter told authorities he was going through a mental health crisis earlier on Sunday and attempted to get treatment, but he was turned away at two Rockford facilities and wanted to kill himself.

Carter is in custody and charged with First Degree Murder.

Photo: Winnebago County Jail
Photo: Winnebago County Jail

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Please avoid the Northridge Walmart at this time.  They are closed until further notice.

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