Hey you, don't just bring your girlfriend to see a comedy show, bring your ex-girlfriend, too. 

We are so lucky to have so many great entertainment venues here in Rockford and that includes the Coronado.

Sometimes I actually feel dumb, like I don't go there enough.

Michelle, I yell... you can get to the Coronado after work in less than 15 minutes and there's plenty of parking! Do you know what life is like in other cities to see a show or comedian?

Then I have a whole five minute conversation about how I do know because I grew up in the suburbs and it takes over an hour to do anything in Chicago plus parking, you get the drift.

One of my goals in 2022 is to see as many Coronado performances as possible, which includes Iliza Shlesinger's show on Thursday March 24!

I happen to love Iliza's comedy, she is very funny and I've seen her in person twice so I'm sure when I go see her again in a few weeks it will be just as fun.

I'm also pretty lucky because I happen to have gotten the chance to interview her last week on Good Day Stateline and despite my crazy intense nerves, I thought I did a pretty good job interviewing her and maybe even made HER laugh?

She recommends your bring both your girlfriend and your ex to the show, you know what... bring everyone you know.

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