We're all familiar with the saying, "all good things come to an end;" but when it comes to the things that we enjoy being a part of our daily lives, we'd like to think that those things will always be around.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Starbucks and Starbucks addicts, the end could be near for the global coffee chain, especially here in the U.S. Not completely, as the company plans on making changes to turn the chain around, but local locations could be shutting its doors.

According to CNN, Starbucks will be closing 150 poorly performing stores in 2019; that's three times the number it's known to shut down each year in the past.

So, will Stateline area locations be safe? They could be. How many Starbucks do we have and how close together are they? It's something to take in consideration when CNN says that the stores that will be affected are " located in mostly urban areas that are densely populated with Starbucks locations."

I think we'll be OK; don't you?

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