It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, now that we have snow (did you read that to the tune of "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas;" because I meant you to).

It probably won't stick around for very long though, which seems to be right in tune with Starbucks' newest creation for their holiday/winter menu- the Christmas Tree Frappuccino, which is only available for five days.

According to Popsugar, it's probably their most festive creation yet; it's made with Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino with a matcha whipped cream tree that's topped off with a caramel drizzle "garland," candied cranberry "ornaments," and a strawberry "star" on top.

Think it could be any good?

I was personally a fan of the Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween, so it's going to be hard to beat, but I'm willing to give this one the good ol' college try.  I'll let you know what I think after I try the Christmas Tree Frappuccino this afternoon; it's only available from December 7th through the 11th.

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