While we all can agree that there are several things that Illinois does wrong, we can also agree that Illinois does one thing VERY well and that's food.

According to google there were 27,189 Illinois restaurants in 2015, which means there are probably even more now. So how on earth could those be narrowed down to the Top 15? I don't know. But according to Best Things Illinois, here's is the list. And my favorite part, number four on the list is right here in Rockford.

Best Restaurants in Illinois

1. Kuma's Corner, Chicago

2. Mexique, Chicago

3. Schmaltz Deli, Naperville

4. Abreo, Rockford

They described Abreo restaurant as creating and renovating unique seasonal dishes local to the area. Perfect for a quick lunch or formal dinner party.

I have to say I am in total agreement that this restaurant is one of the best. I recently had the pleasure of being invited to try some of their new menu items and my palette was more than satisfied.

The newly renovated open air dining room provides a serene environment perfect for lunch with friends or a fun dinner out. And their drinks, can I just say wow? They aren't for the weak. My girlfriend and I are already planning our next date night there. I suggest you do too.

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