Nothing beats being in a good mood. There are days where feeling good seems impossible. Not today. Illinoisans agree on these forty-one mood changers.

If you've just arrived because you want your mood to improve today, welcome to this little slice of heaven.


Relax. Enjoy this pleasant little drift away.

Photo by Gary Butterfield on Unsplash

The Places You Find Joy

Those words above, come out of my mouth often, as a reminder that you can find it anywhere. We can't always be so busy looking for the big joys that we miss all the small ones

If being happier today (even if it was only for the next few minutes) was your goal, be prepared to achieve your goal

Before you start enjoying this photo gallery, I just want to ask you for a favor. Could you please think of how you would answer this question:

If you need even more help putting yourself into a good mood, maybe you should go do one of the forty-one things on this list

If your good mood starter isn't in this gallery, please share with me what does it for you.

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