Yes, you heard that right, one pint for just one hundred cents.

I can't handle how excited I am to type this right now.

Valli Produce has Halo Top pints for just $1 until May 15.


This is an exclusive Facebook deal, so you have to save this post and show it to the cashier at Valli when you buy your pint.

In case you don't know, Halo Top is usually $4-6 depending on where you're buying it, and the entire pint runs less than 400 calories so you can eat the whole thing without feeling like a whale.

The limit is one per customer, so bring your husband, your mom, your best friend and your ten year old niece so you can each get this deal.

The only caveat is that you need to spend $10 in order to get this deal, but that's an excellent deal!

My favorite flavor ever is Cinnamon Roll, and I also love Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Sea Salt Caramel in case you need a recommendation.

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