Easter is this weekend and if you're looking for last minute Easter basket ideas, make sure to get them before Sunday because your favorite stores might not be open.

I feel like Easter is one of those Holidays you either celebrate with tons of friends and family, or you don't do any festivities at all.

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I'm more of the gift-giver.  I love putting together Easter baskets for my friends and family, so that's the only reason I look forward to this Holiday lol.

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Of course, that involves spending money and shopping at big box stores to get the all the goodies to fill the baskets.

Let's find out what will be open on Easter Sunday and which stores will be closed in Illinois!

Here Are 5 Illinois Stores Still Open On Easter Day

Check with your local stores to see individual hours.


Of course the one stop shop for everything you need... other than Target, but they'll be closed on Easter Sunday.

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Wait, these are actually great places to get last minute gifts.  I always find random things in their gift aisles and the prices aren't that bad!

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Yes, your furbabies also need Easter baskets.  THEY DESERVE IT!

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Honestly, perfect place to get goodies for your dad's gift basket.  I'm thinking of making a stop (day of because I procrastinate) since my dad is a Mechanic!

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If you're wondering who WON'T be open on Easter this year, here's a list:

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