Looks like these weird "lights" were seen in the Rockford area last night too.

Is it Santa already doing his Christmas drop off a few days early? Is it aliens from another planet planning an invasion of Earth over the holidays?

Whatever it is, there was all sorts of chatter on Reddit last night regarding this strange photo posted by jrav1991.

The comment most interesting for Rockford area folks was from A_Real_Patriot99 on Reddit saying:

I got three over here in a straight line. About southeast from me, I'm on the Wisconsin border.

Apparently, it's not Santa or aliens hellbent on planetary destruction.

The bright dots in the sky are satellites, approximately 175 miles above the surface of the Earth. They appear bright due to their solar array reflecting sunlight back to the dark side of the globe.

I guess we'll be able to see the Space X satellites more in the future too. Check out the schedule HERE.

Did you see the "lights" last night? What did you think when you first saw them?

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