Not only does she wear this dress to work, she wore it plenty of times to school in the fall before being sent home last week for violating the dress code.

Amanda Durbin wore a red and black checkered sweater dress to her high school last week, in Brownsville, Kentucky, and she was sent home for violating the dress code.

She said that 30 to 40 other girls were sent home or told to change around the same time she was, and that they were wearing clothes similar to what she was wearing.

The school claims this is the same dress code they've been using for the past three years, but that they are enforcing it now more often, and that the rules include banning all clothing that leaves more than a 6-inch gap between the end of the dress/skirt/shorts and the student's knee.

I dunno about you, but I don't really see that many inches between Amanda's knee and the dress. Plus, if she wore this dress with the tights that she's wearing in this video, what does it even matter?

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