There's a chance she should have read the directions.

Meet Abi Shenton, she accidentally turned her entire face and body pink after incorrectly using a LUSH beauty product.

Poor girl, this is absolutely something that would happen to me. I can't imagine I've ever read instructions on how to use something in the bath or shower, and neither did Abi.

She thought what she had was a bath bomb that she could use in the bathtub and then also as soap for her body.

Unfortunately, what she has was a bath oil called, "Razzle Dazzle," that was supposed to be diluted and then added to the tub.

She tweeted the instantly viral photo of her pink face to the company and she said, "just a quick question, are your products supposed to stain the human skin fluorescent pink?" And she received this response.

Abi did de-pink herself, after three days and a bunch of washes.


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