It's finally time we're all honest with ourselves. Cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving is kind of the worst. A new survey reveals the least popular items on the Thanksgiving dinner table and the winner is: cranberry sauce.

A poll asked how people feel about Thanksgiving foods and the results were harsh. ABC details -

Twenty-nine percent of people say they don't like cranberry sauce but eat it anyway.

Green bean casserole comes in second.

Twenty-two percent of those asked eat sweet potatoes even though they don't like it and 21% of folks don't even like pumpkin pie.

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE? Now I know that's got to be a lie. Cranberry sauce I get, it's kind of nasty. But green bean casserole is the BEST! So this year, don't feel the pressure to put the nasty sauce on your plate, because everyone else doesn't want to either.

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