The Chicago Cubs might have lost their baseball game yesterday but they certainly won the suit game.

After a tough extra inning loss at home you'd think the Cubs would be down. Not so much. When you're this young and having this much fun, things tend to stay pretty loose.

So when the Cubs hit the road for a series of games in Pittsburgh they threw on some of the most ridiculous and awesome suits I've ever seen.

Dexter Fowler looked like a member of Miami Vice. Joe Maddon looked like everyone's grandfather and Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Justin Grimm and David Ross were all decked out in the stars and stripes.

I could go on and on but the proof is really in the "awesome suit pudding."

Let's face it Cub fans, this is the year. Soak it up. Have fun, there's a good chance this team wins it all.

They know it too. They're also not afraid to embrace the pressure of wiping out over 100 years of near-misses.