When I got married six years ago, the one person that wasn't able to be there was grandmother. It really wasn't the same without her.

Should I ever get married again, she's the one person I need to be there because it was always a dream of hers to see me walk down the aisle.

It's every grandmother's dream, including Lynda Kern's.

Lynda was admitted to SwedishAmerican earlier this month after being diagnosed with lung cancer, and what happened next will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face.

SwedishAmerican shared Lynda's story.

SwedishAmerican was able to put together a special wedding ceremony so Lynda could see her granddaughter get married and sadly passed away 12 hours later.

The same nurses who helped put this beautiful event together, also attended Lynda's funeral, proving that the nurses and entire staff at SwedishAmerican are angels here on Earth.

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