We're all spending a ton of time at home right now, so why not spend that time falling in love with a new furry family member? Not only will you be helping a sweet animal in need, but you would also be able to give them the time and attention they need to get acquainted to their new family.

We haven't been able to have a pet from Winnebago County Animal Services come visit us in the studio for months now, but Donna Apgar sent us a photo and some info about 3-year-old dog available for adoption right now, and it's just too darn adorable for us not to share.

Donna says this Pit Bull Terrier "came in as a stray and is available for pre-select adoption. He loves hotdog treats and is learning to jump the hurdles. He's a sweet dog who easily attaches himself to people once he trusts them."

Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago County Animal Services

Winnebago County Animal Services in Rockford has plenty of fabulous fur babies in need of forever homes right now, and since the shelter is open by appointment only during the quarantine, they have decided to highlight some of their adoptable animals in videos that we can all enjoy at home. Here are two of the most recent videos they have posted...


Adopting an animal in need is one of the best feelings in the world, I've done it three times!  If you are looking to adopt, a full list of adoptable animals at Winnebago County Animal Services is always available at wcasrock.org. An in-person meeting with the pet is always encouraged, and right now you need an appointment to do that. You also need to fill out an adoption application in advance, which you can do right now online, here. If one of the animals featured in the videos above feels like the perfect fit for your family, make sure you include their name and ID number on your application form to get the ball rolling ASAP.

For more information on animal adoption and their quarantine procedures, please call Winnebago County Animal Services at 815-319-4100.

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