This week's furry visitor to The Steve Shannon Show was not only named 'Miracle', her story is one, as well.

Our little 'Miracle' is just 3-months-old and if not for a family moving to the Rockford area, her story could've been tragic and short. She was discovered at a truck stop in St. Louis, Missouri by a couple who was moving to Rockford. They found this little hound mix in a cage with an open can of food inside, just sitting at this truck stop. The couple waited for quite awhile to see if she belonged to anyone at the truck stop. Once they realized that the puppy had been dumped at the truck stop, they packed her up and finished the drive to Rockford. The couple named her 'Miracle' before bringing her to Noah's Ark.

If you want to be the family that 'Miracle' calls home, you need to bring the entire family (and any other dogs you own) to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary. The ark is located at 111 N. First St. in downtown Rockford.

There are many dogs and cats looking for 'furever' homes, take a look at

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