Would you swipe right on a taco? Honestly in today's dating scene, you might be better off with a birria date than a human one. 

April may be National Brunch Month, but we're getting closer and closer to May, which means we're getting closer and closer to the biggest taco month of the year!

May is all about tacos and we are truly lucky to be living in Rockford where there's a taco shop on every corner.

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So you know these taco shops and taco trucks are always looking for a way to separate themselves from the other tacos in the 815.

One of those shops, definitely stole the social media spotlight this week by turning their Birria into a dating app profile, Cantina Taco.

27 year old Birria has a saucy side on the dance floor and it's served with beef consume and limes.

Would you swipe right?

If you want to, don't just touch your screen and try to actually swipe right... instead go visit one of the Cantina Taco locations.

Try Birria Tacos at Two Cantina Locations

They have two shops, one in Rockford on 117 S. Main Street and one in Loves Park at 6342 E. Riverside.

You can order the birria tacos (3 for $11.99), or you can order one of their 16 other taco varieties! That's a lot!

I think next stop I stop by I'll grab one bbq pork and one chicken, maybe three birrias too.

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