Taco Bell is looking to retain employees, and we've got to admit, a six-figure salary is one way to do it.

Sure there are plenty of other factors an employee has to decide when considering a new job but the yearly salary is definitely the biggest reason.

Taco Bell must be seeing lots of employee turnover or maybe the company just wants it to be looked at as more than just a transitional vocation, but something of a career choice.

Either way, Taco Bell is paying the big bucks.

The Yum! Brands Inc.-owned chain will test the higher salary in select restaurants in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast, and will also try a new role for employees who want leadership experience but don’t want to be in the management position. Current salaries for general managers at company-owned Taco Bell stores are between $50,000 and $80,000, according to the company.

Taco Bell hasn't stated what markets they plan on paying management types the $100,000 yearly salary but Rockford would be a good choice to test the new plan out.

There are 5 Taco Bell locations in the Rockford area.

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