Emojis are my life. Ok, maybe not my life... but I love them and I want to use them all day, and it bugs me when the emoji I want to use isn't available. Taco Bell and I have that in common.

There is no taco emoji. Personally, I can live without that, but I know there are taco lovers out there who must express their love of the crunchy shell, cheese and meat. Taco Bell is trying to help them out.

Over 23,000 people have signed the Taco Bell taco emoji petition on change.org, yeah, Taco Bell is using an online petition to try to get this to happen.

Apparently they need to get 25,000 e-signatures to go forward. If 25,000 people sign the online petition will the taco emoji just appear in my phone? Because that's amazing.

It's a little more involved than that, there is a new set of emojis under consideration right now and the taco is part of that group, so this petition is Taco Bell's attempt to make that happen.

Getting a new emoji is quite a process! If this works, I'm starting my own petition for a eye roll emoji, we REALLY need that.




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