Taco Bell has already won 2021. They have the best announcement of the year so far. It was the best because it was full of good news, and hilarious content. So when I first got on Twitter for the day, I saw this tweet -

So of course the internet was like, what does this mean? And Taco Bell just kept replying to tweets asking people what they wanted it to mean? Some people guessed that they were making Nacho Fries a permanent menu item, but others had a more hopeful guess - potatoes.

Remember when Taco Bell made 2020 even worse by taking their menu items with potatoes off the menu? I do, it ruined my year even more than everything else already had.

But then later in the day Taco Bell officially made the announcement. And like I said before, the announcement was amazing because of the good news, but also, 10/10 marketing Taco Bell. This announcement had me dying laughing. Check it out -

So here's the delicious deal. Starting on March 11, Taco Bell will officially begin serving Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Spicy Potato Soft Tacos, and other menu items customized with potatoes once again.

Hip hip hooray!

I've watched the video like a million times because I can't get over the fact that the Taco Bell CEO made himself a potato to spread the good news. In case you didn't watch the full video, there's actually more good news than just the potatoes. At the end the CEO says they're going "beyond" this year. AKA they'll be offering more vegetarian options with Beyond Meat.

2021 kind of feels like 2020 2.0, but at least we have our potatoes back.

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