102 Year Old Chicago Voter Will Inspire You to Get to The Polls
Are you registered to vote? You can check if you are, and if you're not you can register HERE! 
I hope this year has been enough to inspire you to vote, but if it hasn't, I've got a story that will have you triple checking you're registered and ready to vote...
2020's Sexy Costumes - Mail in Ballot, Tiger King & Banana Bread
Being part of the generation that grew up watching 'Mean Girls', my brain can't help but think of the line that goes, "Halloween is the one day a year girls can dress ... um ... however they want ... and no one can judge". Those aren't the exact words, but if yo…
Hocus Pocus Wine Makes Celebrating Halloween on The Couch Better
Looking for some wine to put a spell on you this Halloween? Look no further.
Calling all 'Hocus Pocus' fans, oh yeah, and calling all wine fans (everyone). Your dreams have come true because this Halloween we can watch a classic favorite while sipping some spooky wine...

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