Let's get one thing straight, if you're going into 2021 with no New Year's resolutions, that's perfectly fine. This year was rough, so if you're just trying to make it to January 1 in one piece, I totally feel you.

But for some people, New Years resolutions are like a tradition. It's something that helps set goals and makes the transition into the new year more exciting. A lot of of common new years resolutions range from diet, to exercise, to saving money. But going into 2021, I feel like a lot of us realized what we really want in life.

And these new years resolution trends for 2021 show a lot about how we plan on looking out for ourselves in the new year. When I look at the map of each state's resolution, I really don't see much weight loss or money saving at all. Instead I see a lot of things like therapy, better sleep, quit drinking, read more, and a lot of other good stuff.

Here's what the map looks like according to Zippia -

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

Honestly, this map makes me really happy. I feel like 2020 gave us all a chance to realize just how important it is to look out for YOURSELF. Even Illinois' resolution is a way to look out for yourself. The most popular resolution in Illinois is dating, I see that as people finally looking to find their soulmate or a life partner.

Wisconsin's resolution is vacation which is a total mood going into 2021. But like I said before, look at all those resolutions to go to therapy, get a raise, meet new people, get better sleep, and plenty of other positive goals.

Looks like 2021 is truly the year of self care and rebuilding ourselves.

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