You know what I've always disliked about Rockford? It's the only city I've ever lived in where it takes 20 minutes to go six miles, SIX MILES; and when your car doesn't have air conditioning, they can feel like the longest 20 minutes of your life.

There has to be some sort of alternative; it could be a new route, a closer gym, or hey, maybe I'll just stay home and save money on gas. ICYMI, gas is like $3 a gallon right now.

Or, I could take that money and spend it on a ride with Josh, the 10 Dolla Dude, and the man behind Rockford Rides, $10 rides to anywhere in Rockford.

Judging by the Facebook live videos he does during some of his rides, the 20 minutes I spend driving from East State Street to Harlem would be filled with love, laughs and lots of singing.

And it's not just the younger demo that loves and uses Josh's services. One of his biggest fans and clients is Carol; she is just so cute.

I'm currently in the process of booking my own ride with the "10 Dolla Dude," but if you need a ride somewhere, anywhere, call him.

We had a chance to speak briefly on Facebook and I've come to the conclusion that there isn't any other service like his being offered in the Stateline; he's pretty much taking over.

Book your ride here.

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