Do I have your attention now?

Wine AND Target ... I definitely have your attention now.

Possibly the two greatest things in life are coming together to make sure you have the perfect wine night without breaking the bank. Target just released a new wine line that is affordable and adorable. So what's the boozy details? Bustle says -

The Collection is the product of a family farmed winery that’s been growing grapes since 1924, with a current emphasis on sustainable and environmentally sensitive farming practices and techniques. The wines are “perfectly balanced,” according to a press release provided to Bustle, and “[combine] the very best of carefully harvested grapes, bringing together a delicate compilation of pure winemaking artistry.” They’ll retail for $9.99 per bottle.


They've got options for all wine drinkers. The Collection has five varieties: two reds, two whites, and a rosé.  The new line of wines is aimed at millennials and that's why the bottles are priced so cheaply and are so aesthetically pleasing. As a millennial, I can honestly say I'm already in the car on the way to Target.

Anyone down for a wine night?

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