Should this shirt be taken off the shelves?

A shirt that says "trophy" is making some Target customers angry.

Earlier this year, Target started selling graphic tees and tanks as part of their bridal collection that say, "Mrs.," "Bride," "Team Bride," and "Trophy."

To be honest, I didn't even think twice the first time I saw the "trophy" tee. But I also don't think I spent enough time thinking about it to realize what the shirt was even saying.

I passed by that one and bought the "Bride" one for my friend who's getting married in September.

The second or third time I saw it, I realized that the shirt said, "trophy" but was alluding to the phrase "trophy wife." It made me think of Stepford Wives. Then I walked away.

Other Target shoppers are a little more upset, saying that this t-shirt is a dig at women, anti-feminist and that there should be a shirt that says "trophy husband," in the men's section if they are going to continue selling the shirt.

A petition to remove the shirts from Target on has over 10,000 supporters, but Target says they are not backing down.

Does this shirt bother you? Should they remove it?

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