Hot on the heels of Halloween, Christmas has officially arrived at our local Target stores; and while most of us are shocked by the aisles of Christmas candy and decor already on display, perhaps even more shocking is their holiday clothing line for women and juniors.

As I was walking into the Machesney Park Target, my eyes were immediately drawn to the back wall on the left; normally that's where they display their line of graphic tees with fun sayings and slogans, but those have been replaced with dresses and overalls covered in candy canes, pointesettas and Santa Claus.

The best way to describe them is "ugly cute;" these dresses, leggings, sweaters overalls are so ugly that they're actually cute.

Or are they? I can't figure it out. The general consensus among my friends though is that Target is trying a little too hard to be like LuLaRoe. What do you think?

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