Be prepared to change what you do at Target on Saturdays and Sundays.

Target is pretty much home for most women my age. Single or married, pregnant or childless, we all have that red bullseye in common.

We have something else in common too... being mistaken for Target employees.

It happens too often, whenever you accidentally wear a red shirt to go shopping.

But, when it happens, you've always thought to yourself, 'sure I have a red shirt on, but I'm not wearing khakis... is this that person's first time here? Clearly I'm a customer!'

'Clearly' won't be so true on weekends anymore because according to BuzzFeed, Target employees will be allowed to wear jeans on Saturdays and Sundays for the rest of 2018.

BuzzFeed reports that Target's CEO promised Target employees that if sales went up in 2017, they would be allowed to wear jeans on weekends in 2018.

So... be prepared if you, also, show up to Target wearing jeans and a red shirt. You might want to just get a name tag and go for it.

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