Look what you made him do — a man who allegedly robbed a bank as a means to impress Taylor Swift, that is.

According to TMZ, a man named Bruce Rowley was arrested last week for robbery in the second degree and larceny in the fourth degree. Why? Because he decided to allegedly rob a bank to impress Swift. Yup, Rowley, who's had a longtime crush on the pop star, confessed that he took the money and tried to throw it over the fence of Swift's Rhode Island home before leading police on a chase back to Connecticut.

Rowley said he tried to contact Swift but received no answer, and police have clarified that they're not sure if Rowley ever sincerely made it to Swift's house.

The crazed fan also said he planned to donate some of his loot to the police department in Ansonia, which is the outfit that eventually arrested him. He said he thought this would impress Swift.

Just days ago, Swift's alleged stalker, Frank Andrew Hoover, was sentenced to 10 years of probation, according to TMZ. 

Hoover was arrested in 2016 for violating a restraining order Swift had taken out against him — he'd allegedly followed her around an Austin, Texas concert. Authorities later found emails in which Hoover threatened to "end" Swift and her entire family that he'd sent to Swift's father.

Rowley is being held on bail.

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