A brand new Teacher Of The Week was announced this morning on The Steve Shannon Show.

Congratulations to Mr. Sutherland from Saint Rita in Rockford, 97ZOK’s newest Teacher Of The Week. Mr. Sutherland won flowers from Broadway Florist and a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

He was nominated by his wife, Bianca.

Bianca writes,

I have the wonderful opportunity not only to be married to Mr. S but to teach with him everyday. You see, we met at Saint Rita and continue to follow our passions there everyday! 

Day in and day out he does duties beyond his role as PE teacher; from safety patrol in the morning, to making sure students get out of their cars and into the building safely to leading recess duty every single day. He utilizes his humor, athletic ability, and love for kids in teaching every child that walks through our doors. On any given day he teaches Pre K three to 8th graders. They learn locomotor skills, teamwork, health, and everyday life skills. If you get the chance to catch him on Fridays, you'll see him leading his classes in Dance Party Fridays!

When students leave 8th grade, Mr. S asks them, on their finals, what they've learned through the years and many say it's not the athletics but the life lessons along the way. Thus, I think Mr. S is someone who truly deserves to be teacher of the week! Thank you. 

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