Congratulations to our latest teacher of the week, Mrs. Belmontes from Barbour Language Academy in Rockford.

Mrs. Belmontes scored beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Tina Henderson. Tina says:

I don't know where to start! Mrs. Belmontes is such an amazing teacher, she is always smiling no matter if she's having a good day or bad.

My son didn't do so well last year but we have been blessed with the best teacher ever this year & you can definitely see the difference! My child is always excited about school since he has been in her class. Her can do spirit is contagious & you can tell that all the students in her class have that same outlook on all they do! She makes time to give one on one time to every student! She is an amazing lady hands down!

Myself and my son are so very lucky to have her this year. She deserves teacher of the week every single week! By far the best teacher David has ever had!"

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