Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Hooks from Rolling Green Elementary School.

Mrs. Hooks was rewarded with beautiful flowers from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugarjones.

The winning nomination came from Brandie Fago. Brandi writes:

Have you ever had that teacher that leaves a stamp on your heart? Well I'm sure if you have talked to any student in the last 21 years that has walked through the halls of Rolling Green they would tell you that teacher was Mrs. Hooks! Mrs. Hooks not only is a great teacher but she is also the most generous person the school has ever had. If super heroes were real she would be one. This wonderful lady starts her day at 4:30 taking care of her disabled 32 year old daughter. After that, most mornings she then bakes muffins for a staff of 70. Then she is off to school to charge the minds of the energetic youth of Rockford. Now most community members think teachers just come into school and teach and go home, but not this super lady. She starts by volunteering in the parking lot helping kids get out of their car every morning. If you ask any parent she always has a smile on her face opening the car door to let out their children with a good morning message and have a nice day. In the afternoon you will catch her at the cross walk making sure everyone is to their parents safely.

So I thought I would ask Mrs. Hooks fifth grade students why she is so wonderful here's what they said. She's a problem solver Kaya said. It’s like the Vanilla Ice song. If you have a problem Mrs. Hooks can solve it. You have a problem she will solve it. Roberto said she educates us in a fun way. Beyoncé said she is very good at what she does and has the best sense of humor. Hannah said she is so generous. We have snack every morning and if you don't have one Mrs. Hooks will provide us with one. Hydeel said she is dependable just like our own mothers. Carmelo said she is good when we’re feeling sad and always sees the good in everyone.

Teachers have many roles besides just educating the youth. As you can see Mrs. Hooks is one in a million. So to most kids Batman is their hero, but to us Mrs. Hooks is our Batman."

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