Congratulations to our brand new teacher of the week, Mrs. Messer from Byron Middle School.

Mrs. Messer won dessert from Nothing Bundt Cakes and flowers from Broadway Florist. One of Mrs. Messer's' students, Alaina Haas, nominated her for the award. Alaina says:

Mrs. Messer is one of my favorite teachers in have ever had. She teaches 7th grade Social Studies. Her teaching method is so amazing and fun. Instead of telling us what happened on whatever date, we have to figure out why it happened. It gives us a better understanding of the events.

Also, for the end of our unit, we take an assessment. This is not a multiple choice or fill in the blank. We have to make something that proves to her how much we know. She is always more than willing to help anybody that wants to raise their grade and try hard to do so.

We all have such a special connection to Mrs. Messer. My best friend and I like to go in her room in the morning sometimes and talk about Hamilton. Before class, everybody jokes around with Mrs. Messer and she jokes back. It is such a joy to be in her class and she is an amazing teacher. She deserves to be Teacher of the Week.

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