Congratulations to our newest Teacher of the Week, Mrs. Schumann from Bloom Elementary in Rockford.

Mrs. Schumann scored beautiful tulips from Broadway Florist and delicious cupcakes from Sugar Jones.

The winning nomination came from Jaime Moore, Jaime writes:

Mrs. Schumann is amazing! She is my son Korbin's Kindergarten teacher. She is one of the most interactive teachers I've seen. She so good about continuing to give the students positive reinforcement. She posts about her Chining Stars in the class dojo, which gives us parents the chance to see what's going on in the classroom.

I swear my sone comes home every day singing a new song she taught them based on what sight word they are learning. It is so apparent how much she cares about her students and it would be awesome to see her recognized for how hard she works every day for those kids.

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