I know what you're thinking, Rockford's celebrities are Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child.

Not so fast there, partner.

IMDb's list of the Most Popular Celebrities born in Rockford doesn't include either Nielsen or Williams in the top 10.

That might be because neither of them is known for having a big movie or TV career.

Did you know Rockford has produced a decent list of people who have gone on to do some big things in Hollywood?

So while Williams just missed the top 10 Rockford-born celebs on IMDb she did come in at #12.

Kathryn Lang who starred in Doogie Howser, M.D. in the 80s ranked 11th.

Following Williams is Aaron Milo, Silvia Mathis, Jodi Russell, Nino Cimino, Tim Maculan then Rick Nielsen at 18th.

Marcus Brown and Betty Jane Rhodes round out the top 20 most popular Rockford-born celebs on IMDb.

The 10 most popular list is filled with current and former stars. Some have been in the biggest animated flicks of all time, some were on very successful TV shows.

While they now have varying degrees of fame, the one thing they all share in common is that they were all born in Rockford.

The list is also filled with people you had no idea were born here. That's the beauty of it.

Some of the most popular celebs in TV and movies walked the same streets you do today.

Do you know who came in at #1? Check out the list of the 10 most popular Rockford-born celebs and see for yourself.

Ten Most Popular Celebrities Born in Rockford

All of these celebs were born in Rockford.

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